The Proper Way to Meet a Hedgehog


A collection of “how-to” poems on all sorts of subjects and from all around the world, edited and illustrated by two major talents.

Find a patch of unbroken snow; dye your hair green with purple spots; slowly breathe in and out; bounce in your space-boots ... and don’t take off your helmet, whatever you do! A “how-to” poem shows the steps in a process – here, award-winning anthologist Paul B. Janeczko presents charming examples of the genre. 

There are over thirty poems in this beautiful, memorable treasury, each one illustrated with elegance and flair. The poets featured are from around the world and through history, bringing together classic writers, like Christina Rossetti and Robert Louis Stephenson, and modern stars, such as Kwame Alexander and Nikki Grimes. And their poems pose all sorts of questions. Some are lyrical (How do you build a poem?), others seemingly practical (How do you mix a pancake?), many more wry (How do you pay attention?). But they all share something in common: answers that are certain to delight and intrigue... 

About the Author

Paul B. Janeczko is a poet and teacher who has edited numerous award-winning poetry anthologies for young people, including A Poke in the I, A Kick in the Head and A Foot in the Mouth, all of which were illustrated by Chris Raschka, as well as Firefly July, illustrated by Melissa Sweet. He lives in Hebron, Maine. 

About the Illustrator

Richard Jones has worked for more than twenty years in the creative arts. He is the illustrator of numerous books for children, including Bird Builds a Nest and Squirrels' Busy Year, both by Martin Jenkins. He lives in Devon, England.