Inspired by the contrast between traditional children’s wear, and contemporary trends, Pappe combines nostalgia and modernity, with beautiful design and world-class fabrics. 

Each collection embodies Pappe’s signature timeless, minimalistic aesthetic. Garments are meticulously designed, sampled and tested, to achieve the finest quality, fashion forward clothing, beautifully simplistic and tailored to your child’s body. Every aspect of our designs is considered; from the softest trims to the safest buttons, to our carefully chosen materials and construction.

Premium fabrics are handpicked, for softness and longevity, during our travels to France, Italy, Scotland, Japan and London. Luxurious fabrics such as cashmere, organic cottons, pure wool blends and tweed are signatures of the brand, we source both locally and internationally. A collaboration of the world’s most beautiful textiles.

Pappe understands quality and the need for practicality. Pappe believe clothes do not need to be heavily labelled or adorned but simply to focus on design, craftsmanship and refinement. 

The clothes are designed with love and embrace individuality of character and the adventure of childhood itself.