Apple Park



Apple Park was founded on a vision for creating environmentally responsible and luxurious products for babies and children. We create safe and stimulating products for your little ones; while caring for our planet. Our Picnic Pal characters have been inspired by classic children's toys; but re-imagined using the finest eco-friendly materials available.

Our founder, Angie Ting, set out to create a collection of eco-friendly products for her two young children. Angie's vision was bold; motivated by concern for infant health, the environment and the ecological impact of conventional farming. Equally, she wanted to ensure nobody was exploited in the creation of products she developed.

In 2009 she formed a partnership with Pate International, a highly respected San Francisco design firm with a rich heritage of environmentally conscious projects. Susan Pate, along with her daughter Chloe Pate, helped her realize her dream.

Together they created Apple Park...and the rest is history.


Apple Park's mission is to create unique, lovable and stimulating toys from organic, sustainable and recycled materials. The name "Apple Park" represents the ideals that define our brand.

  • "Apple" is a symbol of a new beginning, the cycle of life, nature, love, curiosity and education.
  • "Park" refers to a place where we collaborate with nature for the purpose of preservation and enjoyment.