Tegu was created by Chris & WIll Haughey to foster a positive social impact through its business in Honduras.  They established a fully independent toy factory outside Tegucigalpa to make a statement: we’re in Honduras by choice and we’re here to stay.


By paying employees a living wage and prioritizing long-term career growth and development rather than simple task-based jobs, Tegu brings world-class employment standards to Central America.


When harvested responsibly, wood is the most sustainable material available. Tegu work with local Honduran cooperatives who individually hand pick each mature tree for use.


What's inside?

People ask Tegu a lot of questions about their magnetic wooden blocks. But, the one question asked all the time is, “how do they get the magnets inside?”

What a great question! There is something magical about what’s inside a Tegu block. But, what people don’t always realize is that there is more than just a magnet locked inside. Nope, the magnet is only part of what hides inside a Tegu magnetic block to make it…well…to make it so attractive.