The Think-Ups! - Claire Alexander


Sometimes all you need is your imagination…


It’s a rainy day, and Anna and Kiki are stuck indoors, wondering what to play next. Suddenly, Kiki has an idea for a new game. “All you have to do,” she explains, “is think up a Think-Up and it will appear!” And she thinks up … BUNNIES! Then they conjure up the most marvellous, magnificent MOOSE! And octopi! And nine HUNGRY koalas! Hmm … is it possible to UN-think a Think-Up? With half-cut pages that make for funny surprises at every turn, this is a fresh celebration of imaginary play for the youngest of children.


A celebration of imaginary play, encouraging children to relish their passions and celebrate their creativity.

Half-cut pages add the anticipation for the reader to see what happens next… The first scene shows the “before” moment as the girls decide what to think-up. And then, after turning the half-cut page, the “after” moment is revealed!

Claire explores the intricacies of children's relationships and the cosy familiarity that comes with playing a game together.