Operation - Pet Scan


Pretend You're a Vet; The Operation Pet Scan game has a twist on classic Operation gameplay; Cavity Sam's dog, Rex Ray, ate things he shouldn't have, and players need to get them out of his belly

Make Rex Ray Feel Better; Using the Dog o scope, players drag the plastic ailment along the path from Rex Ray the dog's belly and out his tail end without letting it fall out

Watch out for the Buzz; If a player strays from the path and the buzzer goes off, the ailment drops; If it falls out, their turn ends; Remove it successfully and he'll fart or bark in relief

Silly Sounds; The Operation Pet Scan game features silly sound effects; Press the dog's nose to hear fun sounds including barks, belly gurgling, and farts (Batteries required)

Game Includes; Pet Scan unit with magnetic Dog o scope, 8 plastic ailments, instructions and 2 x AA demo batteries