Defy the laws of grab-ity and add a magical twist to a familiar concept. All you gotta do is get 5 balls in a row. But this is the game named for the guy who wrote the actual book on the laws of motion, so it's far from simple. Newton is connect 5 in motion. Each turn, you or your opponent is grabbing pieces from the bottom of a column and dropping them back on top. That means the colors in the columns are constantly moving! You'll have to find the equal and opposite reaction to each action. Newton is a supreme spatial strategy game and sequential reasoning test! Not so easy to line up constantly moving parts. But then, neither was developing the theory of gravitation.

How to Play

  • 1. Pick your pieces: apples or the sky- either way you'll be falling!
  • 2. Take turns dropping pieces into the tubes, trying to align five in a row.
  • 3. Spot a win or block your can't drop into, but that's only a piece away? Grab a piece from the bottom shelf and drop it back in the top.
  • 4. Be the first player to get five pieces in a row and you've mastered Newton!


  • 20 Red pieces
  • 20 Blue pieces
  • 1 Newtonian- esque game board
  • 1 Illustrated instruction sheet

    Product Details

  • Recommended Age: 8+
  • Dimensions: 9.2" x 12" x 5.3"
  • Number of Players: 2