Level 3 - Fire Station


The projects are fun projects and these large cardboard models are great craft ideas for kids. First, the model will need to be constructed as it comes flat packed. It will require concentration and attention to detail but the interlocking tabs make it easy to progress. No glue or drying necessary.

Then comes the decorating stage. Unlike level 1 and 2 models, the Level 3 have no outline and the look is completely up to the child. Look at pictures in books or on the net for inspiration and use a variety of materials from paint and water colour to stickers and sparkles.

Once finished, the child has created a toy ready to be played with.

The models are great holiday fun where there is more time to complete it, or it can be done in stages as they are easily taken apart for storage while waiting for another opportunity to complete the project. You could also do it as a group with friends. Either way it is a great way for kids to make craft.

There are 10 different designs to choose from. You will see the finished size of a particular model by selecting if from the Design drop box.

Age 8+ years

INCLUDES: one flat packed model in your chosen design in gift box