Let's Experiment! Electricity & Magnetism - M Crivellini


Learning comes best through experience, even better if children can do it at home. With simple and easy-to-find ingredients, yet safe and highly educative, children will unravel the secrets of science through funny and real practice. Two characters will accompany children in this colourful series: the Professor will teach them the scientific explanation and the Little Robot will guide them in the practice. 

For each experiment there is also a "mess- o-meter" for parents to know how messy the experiment can be! Scientific explanations follow each experiment, to learn what goes on behind the spectacular effects. Disgusting chemistry, refraction of light, magnetism and optical illusions will have no more secrets! Slime, mould, germs, lights, foam... every children will feel the urge to start experimenting and...learning science! 

AGES: 8 plus