Hand Puppet - Pinocchio Hand & Finger Puppet Set


Pinocchio is created by Geppetto who wishes for him to become a real little boy. Pinocchio is then visited in a dream by the Blue Fairy who tells him if he is brave, truthful and unselfish she will grant him Geppettos wish and so the adventure begins! Honest John the Fox and Gideon the Cat do their best to lure him astray, but eventually Pinocchio proves himself and rescues Geppetto from the whale and he comes to life. Bring your story times to life with this gorgeous hand and finger puppet set and re-tell the age old classic of bravery and truth. The four finger puppets can be stored neatly under Pinocchio's shirt to be ready for their next adventure. 

Made by Fiesta Crafts, a UK company who specialise in manufacturing of high quality award winning fabric educational toys.