Gerald the Lion - Jessica Souhami


Is Gerald really a lion? Or is he just an everyday cat with a big imagination? Children will love following Gerald through the 'jungle' - watch out for aliens, hungry crocodiles and a fire-breathing dragon!

Is Gerald really a big, bold lion? Does he really brave wild beasts, aliens, hungry crocodiles and a fire-breathing dragon? Or could it be that Gerald is actually a small, day-dreaming cat...? Young children will love to follow Gerald through the 'jungle', identify the fierce animals he meets on his adventures and find out how Gerald is rescued from the dragon!

  • Children will love the running joke of deciding whether Gerald is a lion or a cat
  • Text and pictures work together in an original and exciting way, contrasting the real urban jungle with Gerald’s imagined jungle
  • Stunning collage illustrations from the illustrator of classic picture books such as The Leopard’s Drum, Sausages!, The Little Little House and Foxy!