Crazy Bird Stories, Book 3 - Daryl Barnes


Have you heard of the crazy bird known as Charming Chat, who sat on a doormat with a fat cat in a hat? Crazy Bird Stories tells of Charming Chat, along with eleven other native Australian birds that can be found around the Mackay District of North Central Queensland.

These poems introduce the birds to children and use rhyming words in short stanzas to tell imaginary stories of very strange bird behavior. There’s Cranky Coot, who plays a flute in a striped suit, and Graffiti Goshawk, who attached chalk to a grass stalk and wrote on a sidewalk.

With such a wide range of bizarre behaviors, these verses invite young readers to let their imaginations run free. Fanciful and informative, this collection of children’s poetry depicts Australian birds involved in unusual and unbirdlike activities. Have you heard Of this crazy bird? Its called the Charming Chat. It sat on a doormat with a fat cat in a hat When in for a chat, flew a furry fruit bat As the acrobat water rat performed on the back of the wombat.