Crazy Bird Stories, Book 2 - Daryl Barnes


Bennie is a beach stone-curlew who has a good life and several friends. But the lanky water bird is missing one thing: adventure! One day the sounds of nature soothe him to sleep, Bernie drifts into dreamland where he becomes someone he has always wanted to be.


After Bernie dresses up as a person, he goes to the zoo where he encounters all kinds of animals. When a smart zookeeper realizes who is under the disguise, Bernie attempts to run for his life before he becomes another resident. But just as a large net lands over Bernie’s head and he thinks his life is over, a friendly eagle steps in to help. As Bernie awakens from his very scary dream, he soon discovers he is much happier than he ever realized.


Crazy Bird Stories shares a tale of a water bird’s imaginary adventure as he finds gratitude for his life and raises awareness of his habitat challenges along the east coastline of Australia.