Child Swing - Forest Green


A safe and comfortable swing for young children and adults alike. It can be used indoors or out and is easily moved between the two. As a kids swing it is ideal for children to "tummy swing" on.


The timeless natural design makes it an enduring classic you can be proud to hand on to future generations. 


All our swings are proudly made in New Zealand with a business model to support local rural communities. 



This swing is suitable from 3 years - adulthood




The soft canvas seat hugs the shape of the body when swinging, sitting or lying on the tummy creating a secure fit. Having no hard extrusions without give makes it a much safer swing for kids in the vicinity of the swing than standard swings. The ropes are made from an extremely strong 10 mm high performance yachting braid.




This Solvej swing is made from weather proof materials, natural durable timber, rot-proof canvas and yachting braid so you can use it indoors and outdoors. This swing can be hung from up to a height of 3.3 metres and must be hung from a minimum of 2m (note this is the hanging height not the length of the ropes). We have extension ropes available also. We can also make the ropes longer, which may have an additional small cost. Please email us if you require this service.




This swing has our standard 9 year guarantee.


Packing and Convenience


Conveniently designed the swing rolls up compactly for storage or transport. Stainless steel carbine hooks (eye-bolts not provided) make it very easy for you to move the swing.