A Fox Called Herbert - Margaret Sturton


Meet Herbert, the rabbit who knows he's actually a fox, in this stunning and thought provoking debut from Margaret Sturton.

Meet Herbert: the rabbit who knows he was born to be a fox. When his mummy isn’t looking, he puts on pointy fox ears, makes himself a bushy tail, and asks his sister to paint him orange, just like a fox. But Mummy doesn't understand: why can't he just be a good rabbit? Herbert is a true celebration of being ourselves and supporting our loved ones. Let this joyful tale inspire you to be who you are and follow your dreams.

  • Herbert follows his heart in this touching and sincere celebration of having the freedom to be who we truly are.
  • Margaret Sturton’s picture book debut showcases her unique and expressive artwork style.
  • Margaret has both a BA and an MA in Fine Art Sculpture, and graduated from the Cambridge Children’s Book Illustration MA in 2018.