Leonardo da Vinci Catapult


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Experience a taste of the medieval and ancient world with the Da Vinci Catapult Wooden Kit!

Made from natural, untreated wood, this catapult is one of da Vinci’s redesigns from the medieval catapults of 400 or so years before his time. Da Vinci's catapult uses the tension of bentwood instead of twisted ropes.  The catapult has fascinated people for centuries.  This kit will answer questions and is a great project for anyone interested in physics.

When a ball is thrown forward, it tends to fall toward the ground. But the thrower's hand applies an equal horizontal force - if not larger -  because of air resistance. Catapults use the same equations of projectile motion. Gravity is the only force that affects the projectile once it launches.  

Dimensions of the assembled catapult:

W: 160mm
L: 450mm
H: 420 mm
Yes, this kit may be challenging for some. But without a challenge, where’s the fun?

Included in kit is everything you'll need to build your replica:

Instruction booklet
21 pre-cut and pre-drilled wooden pieces
2 eye-loop screws
This innovative DIY kit is fun to build, great to play with and is also a beautiful display piece when not in use. If you're looking for an awesome engineering gift idea then this project is a great option.

Perfect for a young builder or history student. Recommended for ages 14 and up. 

Discover the power of a catapult with the Da Vinci Catapult Wooden Kit!