Classic Twister Gameplay 
It's the classic gameplay of Twister that you grew up with! When the designated Spinner calls the shots, players move onto their spots on the mat. Twist and tangle -- but don't fall over! The last player standing wins. 

Up and Over, Under and Around 
Shoes off…in position… and get ready to get twisted up in knots! The spinner will let players know which hand and which foot goes where. Foot on red? Hand on Green? Go for it! No knees or elbows on the mat or you're out. 

Other Ways to Play 
Play in teams! Team members can share the same spot but be careful not to lose balance. As soon as one player falls over or touches the mat with a knee or elbow, that team is out! Have a team tournament and keep track of victories and defeats. Players can also take on new challengers in a Knockout Play round until only one team is left standing. 

Break out the Twister game and bring on the fun! Whether it's an outdoor picnic or a night in with friends, the iconic mat with colored spots is a fun and exciting way to turn a get together into a party!