• 8 brightly coloured metal bars
  • renewable rubberwood and water based paints
  • great for teaching early musical skills and hand eye co-ordination

We love this bright and sturdy wooden xylophone from Everearth.

Xylophones are a wonderful toy - they help to develop a love of music, harmony and rhythm. They also help to teach toddlers hand eye co-ordination as they're banging away!

Ask your child to hit a particular coloured bar, which teaches them colour recognition, and the music that they can make by hitting the different colours, which will help to stimulate hearing and listening ability.

Watch children make a connection between hitting the bars with the mallet and making a sound - this generates interest in the cause and effect and helps to develop concentration. It's also a great way to relieve tension!

Hitting the bars will also help to develop hand-eye co-ordination and fine motor skills.

Why do we love Everearth's Xylophone?

  • helps children with hand eye co-ordination
  • wood is certified by FSC
  • made from sustainable rubberwood
  • water based paints
  • ISO certified company

Toy includes the xylophone base with metal bars and a wooden mallet.