CALAFANT – Smart toys for smart kids

Build and design your own worlds – let your imagination soar. This is the concept behind CALAFANT. All models promote creativity: arts and crafts, colouring and playing!

Whether it's a knight's castle, a fairy-tale palace, a pony farm or pirate ship, all models inspire fun, spooky and fantastic adventures. Let your fantasies become reality!

You do the colouring – Calafant provide the pens. All Level 1 and Level 2 models include washable felt pens. Design your wild and colourful dreamworlds as you like. Or use your own decorative materials: leaves, sand or pebbles. There are no limits to your imagination. Bring CALAFANT models to life with your toys: Houses, garages or palaces are dreamworlds made for your dolls and cars.

Have a fun day indoors and get the craft box out.

Calafant has a range particularly with the youngest in mind that are easy to assemble and not too big to decorate. The models are contoured like a colouring-in book to assist and inspire.

These products are classified as Level 1 and include 6 felt pens. There are plenty of designs from dinosaurs to auto campers to rocket ships to choose from and great to take on holidays or plane trips.




Create Cindarella's chariot with Calafant

Level 2 models also have the contour lines but now the models are bigger and 12 felt pens are included. The assembly is slightly more complicated and you may like to complete the project with a friend.

Do you want to make a pirate ship? or a mermaid cove? or get a princess or pirate party pack with 4 sets for a birthday party or family event.

You are never too old for Calafant but older children like to create something grand. Level 3models appeals to the budding engineer and architect and anyone else who has a good imagination.

These models are bigger again and this time they are left blank, no contour lines. It is all up to you and your fantasy so put your thinking cap and smock on and get started. Paint, glitter, stickers, fabric, buttons etc.

Any pirates coming? I've got their fort