caaocho® was born in 2013 when we decided to create a line of 100% natural toys for modern babies after working in the baby toy industry since 2008. We are a passionate family-owned company based in Vancouver on the shores of the Pacific Ocean in British Columbia, Canada. Here we get inspired and design caaocho® toys.

When our daughter was born in 2007, both eco-friendly life style supporters and IT specialists at the time, we were compelled to offer our child the safest… everything. Having so many choices, we tried to find natural products. We started looking for natural bath toys and were presented with quite a limited selection at the time. That’s when we established Nova Nature, a company with the focus on natural rubber toys and teethers for babies. We wanted to offer other families natural options we found worked for us. Since then we’ve come a long way and met with so many parents, and, in 2013, we were ready to invite babies and parents to our natural world of fun and comfort, caaocho®.

At the heart of caaocho® is baby. We believe surrounding babies with pure natural materials at every step of their lives supports babies’ health. We drew on this inspiration and our extensive experience to create a line of 100% pure natural rubber toys and teethers that are safe, non-toxic, sensory and fun for babies to enjoy day after day. We design every toy to become baby’s loved play companion in playing happily on a playmat and splashing in the bath, squeezing the toys with their hands and mouthing on them.

Baby’s nature is to explore and play.
Let’s nurture that, 100% naturally.
Tanya and Olek Zhylin,

Founders of caaocho®
parents to Nicole