Soccer Star - Mina Javaherbin


Perhaps most importantly, Javaherbin shows that being poor doesn’t stop people from having lives and dreams. A lovely story about soccer, gender, and hope.” — Kirkus Reviews

When Paulo Marcelo Feliciano becomes a soccer star, crowds will cheer his famous name — and his mother won’t have to work long hours. For now, Paulo spends his days working on a fishing boat and taking care of his little sister, Maria: she teaches him reading, and he teaches her soccer moves. At the end of the day he can finally play soccer with his friends. But when a player on Paulo’s team is injured, will they finally change the rules and let a girl show her stuff? Set in a country whose resilient soccer stars are often shaped by poverty, this uplifting tale of transcending the expected scores a big win for all.

  • The lyrical text by Mina Javaherbin and gorgeous illustrations by Brazilian illustrator Renato Alarcao will capture the imaginations of young soccer fans.
  • The main character's sister is a fantastic soccer player, a fact that will appeal to young female fans of the game!
  • The story is set in a favela in Brazil, the site of the World Cup in 2014.