You Can't Count on Dinosaurs! Philip Ardagh, Elissa Elwick


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A counting story that goes wrong when one hungry little T-Rex can't help himself from gobbling up the other dinosaurs!

Let's count dinosaurs! Rex the T-Rex is 1. Add Patty the Diplodocus, that's 2. And here's comes Brian the Anklyosaurus to make 3. But wait, where's Brian gone? Rex? Rex! You didn't EAT him, did you? Oh NAUGHTY Rex! The truth is, you just CAN'T count on dinosaurs. In this counting book with a difference, Philip Ardagh and Elissa Elwick bring prehistoric chaos and trouble-making dinosaurs to every page for a truly fun, interactive way to learn how to count to 10.

  • This interruptive and interactive story offers a fun way for children to learn how to count to 10.
  • Bursting with all your favourite dinosaurs, as well as some less well-known ones. Each dinosaur is labelled on the endpapers.
  • With its boldly coloured artwork, whacky humour and slightly befuddled narrator, this is a laugh out loud read along experience.