Welcome to Country SC - Aunty Joy Murphy, Lisa Kennedy


A beautiful slipcase edition, complete with exclusive keepsake print, of the award-winning Welcome to Country ­– a stunning representation of an important Aboriginal tradition.

Aboriginal communities across Australia have boundaries that are defined by mountain ranges and waterways. Traditionally, to cross these boundaries, permission is required. Each community has its own way of greeting, but the practice shares a common name: a Welcome to Country. Aunty Joy Murphy Wandin, the senior Aboriginal elder of the Wurundjeri people, channels her passion for storytelling into a remarkable and utterly unique picture book that invites readers to discover some of the history and traditions of her people. Indigenous artist Lisa Kennedy gives the Wurundjeri Welcome to Country form in beautiful paintings rich with blues and browns, as full of wonder and history as the tradition they depict.

  • This slipcase edition including a hardback with a keepsake art print making this a perfect gift for young readers
  • A beautiful way to introduce Australia's rich Indigenous culture, heritage and language to young readers.