Up Cat Down Cat - Steve Light


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A bold and beautiful concept book that plays with opposites and reversals.

One cat is long, stretching out, and the other cat is short, crouching. When both perch in a window, one tail is straight, the other one curly. One has an empty plate, and the other a full one. With a mouse to entertain them, sometimes lost, sometimes found, they move through the day, until one cat is awake and the other asleep ... but for how long? With enchanting ink illustrations full of pure colour, simple shapes, and an elegant use of negative and positive space, this concept board book for the youngest of readers is a joy to behold – and as graceful as a leaping cat.

  • From the creator of Have You Seen My Dragon? and Have You Seen My Monster? 
  • Little ones can learn opposites in this gentle concept book.
  • A beautiful paint-and-cut-paper offering from Steve Light, a master of innovative books for the very young.