Slime Time


Hey all Slimy Timers! Are you ready to make a cool electro-goop-powered clock?

This cool Slime Time kit lets you assemble a device that uses a simple type of battery to generate electricity to power your clock!

You will learn all about the electromechanical reaction that makes this happen, and a lot of interesting stuff about batteries!

Most importantly, you'll have this rad slime-filled clock to tell you when it's time to play!

Your kit includes: 

  • A base plate with battery holder, a digital clock, and 2 test tube holders (with caps)
  • A copper electrode, zinc electrode and a copper and zinc electrode pair
  • 2 contact springs, 2 slime solution bottles and a 16 page full-colour workbook

Your will also need:

  • Water, paper towel, 2 x AA batteries, and various liquids (e.g. vinegar, cola, lemonade, tomato juice, oil, milk and fruit juice).

Recommended for ages 8 and up.

The slime solution is non-toxic, but it must not be ingested.