Roadworks - Sally Sutton


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A boisterous picture book full of noisy fun for machine-mad kids. Now in paperback!

"Load the dirt, load the dirt, scoop and swing and drop. Slam it down into the truck. Bump! Whump! Whop! Tip the stones, tip the stones, lift and slide and dump. Lay the groundwork for the road. Crash! Roar! Thump!"Roadworks takes the reader through all the stages of making a road; from planning to construction to driving on the finished road, the full journey is detailed for young and curious minds with a rhythmic text and bright illustrations.

  • Winner of the Picture Book catagory New Zealand Post Awards, 2009.
  • Ideal for machine-mad kids, Roadworks fills the gap in the market for good machine books for boys.
  • A great book for active boys and girls full of onomatopoeic words to read aloud.