Rissy No Kissies - Katey Howes, Jess Engle


Engaging, rhyming text from author Katey Howes and colorful watercolor illustrations from illustrator Jess Engle introduce young readers to the concept of body autonomy and consent. Readers with sensory processing issues and those who prefer more personal


A love bird who doesn't like kisses? Rissy's friends and family wonder if she's sick, confused, or rude. But kisses make Rissy uncomfortable. Can one little love bird show everyone that there's no one right way to show you care? Rissy No Kissies carries the message that "your body and your heart are yours, and you choose how to share." A note at the end provides further information for kids, parents, and educators about body autonomy, consent, and different ways to show affection.


Catchy, rhyming text and colorful watercolor illustrations teach young readers how to advocate for themselves

Approaches the concept of body autonomy and consent in an engaging, safe way

Author Katey Howes draws on personal experience and knowledge about sensory processing issues and consent