Just In Case You Want To Fly - Julie Fogliano


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From the creators of the award-winning When’s My Birthday?comes an inspirational book that will comfort and support through any challenge.

just in case you want to fly here's some wind and here's the sky... What else might you need? A song. Your favourite giraffe. And a map to find your way home again. This tender, contemplative picture book is about growing up. It’s about parents giving their children the gifts, no matter how quiet or small, to succeed and to navigate the world on their own. And it’s about the connection that binds a parent and child … because no matter how far they fly or who they become, they will always have home.

  • Glorious energy spills over in both text and illustrations to make an inspiring, stunning read
  • Loving and funny, quirky and inclusive, there is something for everyone between the covers of this very special book
  • The ultimate gift book - it has a list of things that a friend might need in any situation!