Everyone Walks Away - Eva Lindström


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A beautiful, multi-layered picture book about loneliness, exclusion and belonging

Frank feels lonely when everyone walks away. Tilly, Paul and Milan are having fun. Frank cries tears into a pan and then adds sugar, and cooks and stirs for hours. Frank has made jam, his very own recipe. He will now invite the others for afternoon tea. “The people are so small on the large spreads, the surroundings are diffuse, the colours melancholic. Even the objects are on their own. Leaves drop like tears. A gate, a fence, a cul-de-sac; all become barriers, excluding. There’s not a word, not a detail too many,”  August Prize jury.

  • A moving, melancholy story that leaves room for discussion and interpretation
  • Shortlisted for the prestigious August prize 2015
  • Addresses topics of loneliness/ cliques/ belgonging in an understated way