Dingo - Claire Saxby, Tannya Harricks


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The night is young and there is hunting to be done. An exciting new addition to the narrative nonfiction series Nature Storybooks, about dingoes.

Can you see her? There – deep in the stretching shadows – a dingo. Her pointed ears twitch. Her tawny eyes flash in the low-slung sun. Dingo listens. Dusk is a busy time. Dusk is the time for hunting. This lyrical non-fiction picture book is written by award-winning author Claire Saxby and stunningly illustrated by fine artist Tannya Harricks.

  • Set amid the Alpine forests of Victoria, Australia, the landscapes, mountains and forests in Dingo are just as real and vibrant as the dingo characters themselves.
  • Full of fun and interesting facts about dingoes – perfect for nature lovers and budding wildlife scientists.
  • The family dynamic of the dingo pack helps readers connect with this elusive canine.