Bedtime for Albie - Sophie Ambrose


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A charming story perfect for reassuring children that bedtime can be the most special time of the day.

“Bedtime!” says Mum. Albie the warthog doesn’t think so! He’d much rather play a game. So off he dashes –skippety trot trit trot. But the cheetahs are having their bedtime story, the elephants are having their shower and the meerkats are already snuggled down deep in their burrow. What will Albie do? Mum might just have the most fun game of all – a gloopy, squishy mud bath before they both fall asleep!

  • An original and unique take on the bedtime classic.
  • Introduces a whole cast of Savannah wildlife – sleepy cheetahs, muddy hippos, a family of meerkats and the adorable young warthog, Albie.
  • The story transforms the recognizable difficulties of the bedtime routine into a fun bonding experience between mum and baby.