Rainbow Fish Discovers the Deep Sea - Marcus Pfister


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The Rainbow Fish series has sold millions of copies world wide, and now this beloved character returns with the last book in the hardcover series. When Rainbow Fish loses his last sparkling silver scale into the depths of the ocean, he dives down deep to retrieve it, despite the warnings of his friends. They tell him not to go down there because "strange creatures" live there. Although frightened at first, Rainbow Fish soon meets a firefly squid who agrees to help find the scale. The light blue of the sea gives way to deep blues and purples as Rainbow Fish goes deeper into the water. A book which helps to address the fear of new people and new places. AUTHOR: Marcus Pfister lives in Switzerland. He studied art in Berne, and has been a graphic designer and illustrator since leaving college. He worked in Zurich for two years before touring Canada, the USA and Mexico. He is the author and illustrator of many books for North-South, including Penguin Pete, Milo and the Magical Stones and The Sleepy Owl. His style is characterised by the use of simple shapes with soft outlines. The glittering Rainbow Fish is his most popular creation. Illustrated.