Magic Little Words - Angele Delanois, Manon Gauthier


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Thank you. Sorry. Goodbye. I love you. These basic words and phrases are among the early ones we learn, but they also represent big concepts whose larger meanings can be difficult to grasp. Magic Little Words tackles the challenge, presenting one "little word" on each spread alongside a lyrical line that expresses its meaning: for instance, "please" is a magic key that opens most doors, and "I love you" is the most beautiful song for two. Collages of paper scraps and varied materials like lace work with pencil and crayon shading to provide depth, texture and a sense of whimsy. Two sketched characters play out the emotions of each scene, connecting the abstract text to concrete situations. This small-format book makes a great gift: while the words will be familiar, the text offers refreshing, enlightening new ways of looking at them. AGES: 3-7 AUTHOR: Angele Delaunois has written over 60 books for children, ranging from poetry and fairytales to nonfiction and YA novels. Her books have been translated from French into English, Spanish, Catalan, and Korean. ILLUSTRATOR: Manon Gauthier started out as a graphic designer, but her love of art and painting led her to children's book illustration. She treats each page like a tiny canvas, combining gouache, pencil crayons, and collage to express a startling range of emotions.