World of Butterflies - Rita Schiavo


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We can see them fly gracefully from flower to flower with their multi-coloured wings: they are butterflies, the most admired and collected of insects; like bees, they are vital for plant pollination, which is why we have recently started protecting them as their numbers are significantly dwindling.

Through this book you will get to know them better, explore their physiology, their defence and reproduction mechanisms and their most noteworthy features, and uncover the secrets behind the complicated patterns and amazing colours that characterize their appearance. We will also focus on the dangers that these wonderful insects face today due to pollution and human intervention that is putting at serious risk the life of a species that we need to protect at any cost, for example by following the instructions at the end of the book that explain how to set out your garden or balcony in order to attract - and help - these most heavenly insects.

AGES: 6 plus

Rita Mabel Schiavo Graduated in Biological Sciences, specialising in Natural Sciences at the University of Milan, has a major interest in the fields of herpetology and eco-ethology.
She is one of the founding members and directors of ADM –Teaching in Museums Association– and ADMaiora, which both work in education and learning in museums, natural parks, oases and exhibitions.