The Barefoot Book of Princesses - Caitlin Mathews


As young readers share their adventures, they will find that the princesses of folk tales are often challenged in many surprising and unexpected ways as they grow up. Some are rich, others poor; some are clever and kind while others are mean - but all of them find themselves in situations which require them to be extremely resourceful or to discover new qualities within themselves if they are to discover happiness. 

This collection contains some much-loved favourites, including "The Princess and the Pea" from Denmark and "The Sleeping Beauty"  from Germany, as well as some less familiar tales such as "The Beggar Princess" from China and "The Horned Snake's Wife"  from the Iroquois of North America. 

Caitlín Matthews' wonderful retellings are beautifully complemented by the lavish illustrations of Irish artist Olwyn Whelan.