Level 1 - Horse & Carriage


Build it, paint it and play with it; with Calafant's cardboard toys you can encourage and support your child's creativity and imagination. These award-winning toys are designed in Germany and made of eco-friendly high-quality, recyclable cardboard, all pieces are pre-cut and thanks to a simple slot-system each toy can be put together without glue and scissors. Your child will love this inspired range of creative toys, Calafant cardboard toys are easy to build, fun to decorate and wonderful to play with!

Each kit comes with a cardboard model to construct (no tools or messy glue required), as well as 6 felt tip pens to colour in and decorate with. 

They are simple to assemble, are a smaller manageable size, and contain contoured line details like a colouring in book.

Recycled Cardboard